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Posts will be added on a regular basis, so keep checking back. Topics will include general news/updates, reviews, hints and tips, tutorials, real life "on the job" stories, random subjects, etc, etc.  

All of the "on the job" stories will have the customer names and property locations changed, to protect identities, and maintain privacy. The stories, and situations herein are specific to Plumbingwerx, and don't necessarily apply to other tradespeople.

If there's a topic/subject you would be interested in covering, or have a particular question that you believe would be interesting to others, please leave a comment to say so. Suggestions are always appreciated.


Ivo @ Plumbingwerx

How To... Replace A Bath Shower Mixer Tap


This tutorial/how to is for instructional purposes only.

Plumbingwerx accepts no responsibility, or liability for any injury/damage caused to persons/property due to the use, or misuse, of information on this website.

If for any reason don’t feel confident in what you’re doing, please call someone who can do this for you. Whilst the danger from domestic plumbing work is relatively low, it can on occasion lead to long-lasting, and expensive, property damage, and/or personal injury.

Always perform an appropriate risk assessment, and stay safe.

Before you read any further, it has been brought to my attention (on 29/04/2020) that within this video is a non-compliance with the Water Regulations, and that the pipework should be fitted with suitable backflow prevention. I debated removing the video completely, but decided against it for the following reasons:

1/ I don't mind admitting when I have made a non-compliance error, and want everyone to see that no matter how much you try to remember, even trained, and qualified professionals will still sometimes forget things,

2/ It helps demonstrate that the plumbing industry is more than just "piping something up",

3/ The tutorial is still relevant, and does take you through an easy to follow step by step process of how to replace a bath shower mixer tap,

4/ It gives me a great way to introduce this written section, and remind everyone to also add in suitable backflow prevention on the pipework.

Please click on the below icon to take you to Plumbingwerx’s tutorial video, with details on how to replace a bath shower mixer tap.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to leave them on the video. Alternatively, please get in touch using one of the contact forms on the site, or by e-mailing

- Ivo @ Plumbingwerx

1 comment

1 Comment

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