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Hello, and welcome to a brand new plumbing and heating service brought to you by Plumbingwerx: MyOnlinePro.

What is MyOnlinePro?:

MyOnlinePro is a new service brought to you by Plumbingwerx. It is a web/app-based service that allows you, the customer, to resolve your own plumbing and heating issues under the video supervision of a trained, qualified, and experienced plumbing and heating professional.

How it works:
Just like a "normal" appointment for a plumbing and heating engineer; you get in touch to book a 15 minute consultation. This will be used to help determine what the issue is, and if it can be resolved without the need to have someone physically attend.

Once a suitable date, and time, has been agreed for your consultation you will be sent two emails: 

- The first email will contain your appointment details, terms and conditions, etc. 

- The second email will be your prepayment invoice. This needs to be processed before your appointment can be confirmed.

Once your consultation has been confirmed, you will be contacted at the agreed day/time, via WhatsApp video call, to begin. During your consultation, if a fix can be made there and then: great! This includes, but is not limited to, such issues as;

- Bleeding a radiator.

- Radiator not heating up.

- Topping up your boiler pressure.

- Dripping tap.

- Replacing a tap.

- Issues with your toilet flushing.

- Issues with your toilet filling up.

- Thermostatic shower valve issues.

- Blocked basin/sink.

- Leaking waste pipes.

It may not always be possible to resolve the issue during the first call, due to a lack of parts, or tools. If this happens you can make a follow-up appointment and be guided on how to resolve the problem, once you have the correct parts and/or tools. Alternatively, if the issue is something that you do not feel able to carry out yourself, you will be given the details of a professional local to you who can carry this out. 

I just want a second opinion:

If you don't need any work done, but would like a second (or third, or fourth) opinion on something you've been quoted for, MyOnlinePro can help there too. By giving you an independent, unbiased opinion/estimate for the work, you'll be in a better position to move forward with an informed decision. This can be submitted in writing, and can even be used to send to an insurance company, for comparative purposes. 

Make a booking:

It's quick, and easy to book your initial online consultation; simply click on the below button to arrange a call-back:

Anything else?:
If you have any questions about the MyOnlinePro service, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch on the following details:


Freephone: 0800 043 2393

Mobile: 07523 289248


Ivo @ Plumbingwerx

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